What Creative Follow-Up Strategies Re-Engage Prospects?


    What Creative Follow-Up Strategies Re-Engage Prospects?

    Discovering innovative strategies to re-engage prospects is crucial for moving them through the sales funnel, so we sought out the wisdom of founders and directors. From personalized video messages to offering value-added education, explore the four creative follow-up tactics these experts have successfully implemented.

    • Personalized Video Messages
    • Incentivize With Job Opportunities
    • Custom Content and Handwritten Notes
    • Offer Value-Added Education

    Personalized Video Messages

    One creative follow-up strategy I’ve implemented at Innovate is personalized video messages. After an initial contact, I record a short, personalized video summarizing our previous conversation, highlighting how our solutions specifically address their pain points, and sharing relevant success stories. This approach adds a personal touch and demonstrates a genuine interest in their needs.

    By directly addressing their concerns and showcasing our value proposition in a visually engaging format, these video messages have significantly improved re-engagement rates and helped move prospects further through the sales funnel.

    Daniel Bunn
    Daniel BunnManaging Director, Innovate

    Incentivize With Job Opportunities

    We present ourselves as a UGC Creator community and job board, but we are also a digital product store. Our strategy involves consistently sharing job opportunities with creators and subtly promoting our digital products. This incentivizes our prospects to stay subscribed to our newsletter and provides an incentive to purchase our digital products.

    Victor Hsi
    Victor HsiCommunity & Social Media Manager, UGC Creator

    Custom Content and Handwritten Notes

    One creative follow-up strategy we've implemented at Azola Creative is the use of personalized video messages. Instead of sending a generic email, we create short, tailored videos that directly address the prospect's specific needs and interests. This personal touch not only grabs their attention but also shows that we value their unique situation, making them more likely to re-engage.

    In addition to personalized videos, we also use over-the-top personalized communication methods such as custom handwritten notes and tailored digital content. These messages often include specific references to previous conversations or unique insights about the prospect's business. This level of personalization demonstrates our commitment to understanding their challenges and providing relevant solutions.

    We can also enhance these personalized communications by integrating interactive elements like clickable links to customized landing pages or exclusive content offers. These elements are designed to further engage the prospect and provide them with valuable resources that are directly applicable to their needs. This comprehensive, highly personalized approach has proven effective in re-engaging prospects and moving them through the sales funnel.

    Greg Davis
    Greg DavisFounder, Azola Creative

    Offer Value-Added Education

    One creative follow-up strategy that significantly improved our prospect re-engagement was the "Value-Added Education" approach. Rather than sticking to conventional follow-up methods, we decided to offer actionable insights related to the prospect's business challenge. For instance, if a prospect was struggling with productivity loss due to poor project management, instead of merely promoting our BusinessMap tool, we'd share insightful content about maximizing productivity or improving project management practices.

    This strategy, which combined education and subtle marketing, positioned us as thought leaders in the eyes of the prospect and not just as a sales-oriented company. In essence, it gave them a taste of the real-world value our tool offers. Consequently, it led many dormant prospects to re-engage and eventually advance further down the sales funnel.

    Gabriel Lukov
    Gabriel LukovHead of Inbound Growth, Businessmap