What Role Has Mentorship Played In Your Development in the Sales Field?


    What Role Has Mentorship Played In Your Development in the Sales Field?

    In the competitive world of sales, mentorship can be a game-changer for professional growth. We've gathered insights from CEOs and a Career Coach on the transformative power of mentorship. From refining skills to fostering big-picture strategic thinking, discover how four seasoned professionals have leveraged mentorship in their sales careers.

    • Refining Skills Through Mentorship
    • Learning Systems and Problem-Solving
    • Building Confidence with Role-Play
    • Big Picture Strategy and Creativity

    Refining Skills Through Mentorship

    Mentorship has been instrumental in my development as a sales professional, particularly in refining my communication skills and strategic thinking.

    One example stands out when I was struggling with closing deals in a highly competitive market. My mentor, an experienced sales leader, provided invaluable guidance on negotiation tactics, relationship-building strategies, and identifying client pain points effectively.

    Through regular one-on-one sessions and shadowing opportunities, I learned practical techniques and gained confidence in navigating challenging sales situations. Additionally, my mentor offered constructive feedback and encouragement, empowering me to persevere and ultimately achieve greater success in my sales endeavors. Their mentorship not only accelerated my professional growth but also instilled a mindset of continuous learning and improvement, which remains invaluable in my career journey.

    Andre Oentoro
    Andre OentoroCEO and Founder, Breadnbeyond

    Learning Systems and Problem-Solving

    During my four years at Amazon as a software engineer on the Amazon Fulfillment Technology team, mentorship was crucial.

    A senior colleague guided me in understanding complex systems and improving my problem-solving skills. This experience taught me the value of seeking advice and continuously learning from others, which I now apply in sales by actively seeking feedback and refining my strategies.

    Peter Wang
    Peter WangFounder, Exploding Insights

    Building Confidence with Role-Play

    When I was actively selling, I remember having a few different mentors who taught me the lay of the land. More than anything, working with a mentor expanded my confidence in my ability to sell. I could practice demos and role-play with someone internally, gain feedback, and try again before ever having to be client-facing. Once I was in front of a client, I felt ready to go.

    Kelli Anderson
    Kelli AndersonCareer Coach, California Commercial Insurance

    Big Picture Strategy and Creativity

    Mentorship has been crucial in shaping my career, especially during my time at Deloitte. I remember when I first joined the Innovation & Ventures team, I was paired with a senior consultant who had this incredible knack for seeing the big picture. One of our first projects together involved developing a new market strategy for a tech client. I was overwhelmed by the complexity of the task and the sheer volume of data we had to sift through.

    My mentor, seeing my struggle, didn't just offer advice; he took the time to walk me through his thought process. I remember one late night in the office, fueled by too much coffee, he showed me how to break down the problem into manageable chunks. He used analogies that made complex concepts easier to grasp and encouraged me to think creatively rather than just analytically.

    One specific piece of wisdom he imparted has stuck with me: "Always ask 'why,' then ask it again." This simple yet profound approach helped me dig deeper into market dynamics and client needs, transforming how I developed sales strategies. His mentorship taught me to be curious, patient, and thorough.

    Niclas Schlopsna
    Niclas SchlopsnaManaging Consultant and CEO, spectup